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Talisman Online Guide to Tamer Armor

Talisman Online was created by Miracle Castle and is completely free to play. It is out of all beta and alpha stages and is the full version currently. There are all the normal aspects to role playing games included, the quests and challenges to the player, the combat, the exploring the landscape. The only thing that is different is the lack of price or monthly fee. There are five characters in the game that you can use to roam the land with.
The Tamer is one of these characters and is mostly like all the Hunter classes in role playing games. You’ll be able to be attuning with nature and use it to your advantage. The Tamer class is a fun one for multiplayer and for solo exploring. There are specific things that the tamer can wear in the game in the form of armor types. This article will tell you what armor sets you can wear as an tamer at what level you are in the game. They will be in order of newest armor types to the most seasoned player armor types, with the levels in parenthesis.

Hill Finch Set

The Hill Finch Set is a set of six individual armor items that are worn together. These are the Hill Finch Cuff (2), Hill Finch Armguard (3), Hill Finch Kneepad (4), Hill Finch Boots (5), Hill Finch Belt (6), and the Hill Finch Corslet (8).

Green Swift Set

The Green Swift Set is a collection of the following six pieces; the Green Swift Cuff (12), the Green Shift Armguard (13), the Green Shift Kneepad (14), the Green Shift Boots (15), the Green Shift Belt (16), and the Green Shift Corslet (18).

Night Hawk Set

The Night Hawk Set is six pieces that make up a good mid range set. These are Night Hawk Cuff (22), Night Hawk Armguard (23), Night Hawk Kneepad (24), Night Hawk Boots (25), Night Hawk Belt (26), and the Night Hawk Corslet (28).

Silver Gull Set

The Silver Gull Set does have six pieces as well; they are the Silver Gull Cuff (32), Silver Gull Armguard (33), Silver Gull Kneepad (34), Silver Gull Boots (35), Silver Gull Belt (36), and the Silver Gull Battle Corslet (38).

Blue Snipe Set

The Blue Snipe Set has these pieces in the set; Blue Snipe Cuff (42), Blue Snipe Armguard (43), Blue Snipe Kneepad (44), Blue Snipe Boots (45), Blue Snipe Belt (46), and the Blue Snipe Battle Corslet (48).

Red Ibis Set

The Red Ibis Set has six pieces included and they are; Red Ibis Cuff (52), Red Ibis Armguard (53), Red Ibis Kneepad (54), Red Ibis Boots (55), Red Ibis Belt (56), and the Red Ibis Battle Corslet (58).